Hit Me Baby, Carbonara (feat. Kojo Flint)

by starfrosch



Swiss electronic music producer starfrosch from Switzerland and rapper Kojo Flint from Ghana collaborate on this quirky, trap infused track. “Hit Me Baby, Carbonara (feat. Kojo Flint)” hails all women with their strength and beauty. It’s an ode to love.

Kojo Flint is an Akan from Ghana speaking Twi from the eastern region. He’s from a town called Kwahu. They’ve got nice sirens there and because they are situated on the mountains and got very cold weather, tourists from all walks of lives come there to stay for a long time.

This track can be used without fears of copyright strikes on YouTube as long as you credit.


Hook: 2x
Hit me baby, carbonara e una coca cola
Uptown funk, hee Macarena, Inside out and round and round
Girl, you know I want your love, let's get physical, cherry lady,
Let me love you, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby

I will always love you sweety
Wo tit kraa mefaw (Will raise you if you fall)
Imma stay till the end, obaa wo nye awusia (You are not alone)
Your smiles, gimme that smiles my lady
Super natural, my deity

You for know, we go life and grow
We go go to the ends of the world
Believe na your guy go blow
Mik aa meba oo, ensuro mik aa meba oo (Will be back, even if I'm gone)
Ka w'akoma to wo yem (Take heart)
N'ami k aa meba oo (Will surely come for you)

Obaa-Sima (Beautiful lady)
Mia m'awia (My Sun)
Wo shiren (You Shine), woho twa (You beautiful)
Se mida kraa mpo aa mi mia (You let me in even in my sleep)
Yen di hia (We won't know poverty)
Nsut bre yi me dua (Sow my seeds in the rainy season)
Hehe, m'asi tre se dua (My base spreads like the root of a tree)

Yeah - "Dagrafa-"

Yeah you be ma baby, baby
You eloquent ma Lady
Persuasive, you articulate, daydream, baagbemi (Gon' kill me with love)
Lets fly together, Baagbemi
Too much love go kill me

Let's get physical cherry, sweet strawberry
Let's make love, till the clouds go blairy
You hairy, naturally natural
Lemme spit, my kingdom fairy

Good heart, akomapa na akura wo (You've got a good heart)
In the after life, if I'm to choose, it's you
Mini wo be wo (We'll give birth)
Milk my mouth with juice
Slow kiss me, smootch on cools

You aint lazy, ma queen, crown berry
Round and round, man feels sleepy buh stay woke all day and we around daily
You wine and ride
Serve your food, medi (I'll eat)

Will write silly love songs for you
Ma breath is into you
All love bae, you got to remind you
I took a step, queen follow
No more solo
Sweet doro (Love)
You a ten, not zero

Angel, should have been in the high heavens but you ma angel on earth
That’s why we connect, that’s why we connect ma lady
And Ibe (it's) like I've known you from birth

Tonight's The Night
Come Close And Make It Right
Pass A Sheet, Ma Pen Is Ready To Write
Songs Of Songs,The Lyrics Will Melt Your Heart
Feel Ma Touch, Beat On Heart

Full moon is out
The night is still young
Bright a light, ma love is still strong
Mido (My love), nothing compares to you
Rock your shoes
There are no rules


released September 18, 2020


all rights reserved



starfrosch Switzerland

starfrosch is a Swiss electronic music producer, coder, project manager and owner of starfrosch.com - a platform for Open Music.

His music genres are melodic techno to house, sometimes a bit of trap once dark the other times happy.

You can follow starfrosch’s musical journey on every major social media plattform or enjoy his music on industry standard shops.
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